“Where touching begins, there love and humanity also begin–within the first minutes following birth.” —Ashley Montagu, TOUCHING: THE HUMAN SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SKIN

This sentiment, spoken by one of the leading anthropologists of our time, sums up my fascination with and delight in promoting massage. And yet…massage is much more than just touching, even though the physiological act itself is crucial for our survival and thriving. First and foremost, it is a form of communication. It is saying, silently and insistently, that everything’s going to be OK, that you can relax, de-stress, banish fear, lower heart rate and blood pressure and, most importantly, feel a sense of belonging that only  caring physical contact can bring.

While my books talk about massage and feature photos of massage and train people how to do massage, what I’m actually talking about is caring contact, because that is what massage really is, in its essence. That said, here is the list of books I’ve written that can help you if you are exploring massage either as a career, a hobby, for pure enjoyment or as a complete lifestyle. Click on the title for more information on each.


Touchy Subjects: Tales from the Massage Table

Massage for Dummies

Massage Career Guide

The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists

The Royal Treatment




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