Building a new spa business or instituting a new treatment program at an existing spa can be daunting. Most people benefit from the guidance of an experienced spa professional. We have been working in the spa industry for 30 years and can help in a number of ways:

  • develop complete programs
    • concept
    • business plan
    • design
    • purchasing
    • hiring/training
    • pre-opening
    • management
  • develop cutting edge spa menus
  • train existing spa staffs
    • customer service
    • hands-on technique
    • sales
  • develop operational materials
  • develop marketing collateral


This Spa Ownership Preparedness Profile is from The Complete Spa Book. You can print it out and fill it in. Tally up the total to give yourself a rough idea of your true readiness to embark upon this life-changing journey.Too many people think opening a spa is going to be quick and easy, when in actuality there are a million moving parts and a whole new cast of characters you will be introducing into your life. People have gone before you on this journey, and it is definitely worthwhile to benefit from their experience. We can introduce you to the industry, connect you with the people and resources you need to know, and set you off in the right direction. Also, we work on a per-project basis hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs as they develop their spa concepts. Please contact us if you would like more information about spa development consulting services.


I have worked with some of the most professional spa operators in the world and take pride in the programs I helped to put together. The following is a partial list of properties and my responsibilities at each. For more information, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Doral Spa, Miami: supervisor of spa treatment program – develop and train staff on new & existing spa body treatments

Ciboney Spa, Ocho Rios, Jamaica: hire & train spa treatment and massage staff, oversee during opening phase

Top Notch Spa, Stowe, Vermont: hire & train spa treatment and massage staff, oversee during opening phase

Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, Miami: hire & train spa treatment and massage staff, develop facilities, acting spa director during first year operation

Pelican Hill Resort & Spa, Newport Beach: develop program of signature services on menu for this world-class spa, in-house training, development of training collateral



To give you a realistic idea of how long it may take to build out a typical high-end day spa, this is a Spa Buildout Timeline we have used with clients. Each project will vary, but the basic module fulfillment shown here can be used to determine the total time it will take to complete your spa project.


 PATRICIA WOODSON–Business Consultant

Many people have the passion to build a spa, but few have the practical know-how to make that passion a successful reality. For this reason, when putting a spa project together it is crucial to work with someone fluent in the language of business. Royal Treatment Enterprises has partnered with successful, community-centered businesswoman Patricia Woodson to work on selected high-end spa development projects.

Patricia Woodson founded and operated the first “” service for the professional photography industry, based in New York City.  PHOTONET accurately translated the dynamics of the photo image industry to a virtual online market.   She created more than a dozen pioneering services under this umbrella, managing a lean staff of 26 employees serving over  6,000 customers in the U.S. and abroad.  Patricia is recognized for successful business development and marketing as well as for providing sector-specific premier marketing services. She has applied her business experience to government and non-profit organizations since selling her twelve year-old company.

Patricia is also known for her work to create first class community facilities for families and children. For the Village of Key Biscayne she lead the project to build and program the 40,000 foot, $14 million Key Biscayne Community Center.  Prior to that she worked to acquire funding and guide design of children’s’ playgrounds and recreational facilities.  She designs and facilitates community consensus processes and community partnership programs.   She sits on foundation and executive boards and has served two terms as an elected Key Biscayne city commissioner.

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