MASSAGE THERAPY CAREER GUIDE was written to help people who are thinking about entering the field. It offers inspiration tempered with practical advice based on years of experience.

“I’m about to start massage therapy school and I found this book to be incredibly helpful!” –Amazon reviewer

One of the main reasons I wrote the book is to give people a realistic picture of what life in the massage profession is like. To that end, I begin by asking a simple question: “Is this career really for you?” To help answer it, I developed a short 10-point checklist. It will take you less than five minutes to fill out, and it just may help you make a few decisions.

“The Ten Traits of a Born Therapist” checklist










  • overview
  • author’s background
  • learning objectives
  • chapter summary
  • how to use this book

 Chapter One

Massage Therapy—a Career Without Limits

  • the development of massage in the U.S.
  • current growth rate in the field
  • the aging baby boom generation creates a demand for massage
  • the mainstreaming of “alternative” therapies
  • dozens of directions for post-graduate study
  • a wealth of job opportunities

 Chapter Two

Is There a Healer Hidden Inside You?

  • the ten traits of a “born” therapist or healer
  • the psychology of touch
  • the spirituality of touch
  • what you can realistically expect if you become a massage therapist
  • overcoming sexual issues
  • developing your healing skills—massage schools & training programs

 Chapter Three

Making the Dream a Reality—the Nuts and Bolts of the Massage Business

  • work environments: salons, spas, clinics, chiropractor’s office, doctor’s office, private clientele, subcontracting
  • how to choose your direction
  • job interviews and test massages
  • creating a professional image
    • letterheads, business cards
    • brochures, fliers
    • photographs
  • advertising options
  • business plans

Chapter Four

Massage Clients—Treating the Whole Person

  • clients—where to find them
  • referrals/introductions
  • advertising
  • consultations/evaluations, what you can realistically hope to accomplish and what cases you should refer out
  • special cases
  • establishing boundaries
  • clients who become friends

Chapter Five

Touch and the Law

  • the parameters of the professions—what you can and cannot do legally as a massage therapist
  • licensing
  • zoning
  • professional insurance
  • safety concerns
  • third-party billing
  • taxes

Chapter Six

Creating the Perfect Space—How to Set Up and Maintain the Optimal Environment for Your Massage Therapy Practice

  • choosing your location, points to keep in mind
  • ambiance—clinical or soothing, chic or earthy?
  • lighting
  • music choices
  • equipment—tables, linens, oils and more
  • what to wear—uniforms vs. street clothes, casual vs. professional

Chapter Seven

Day to Day Realities—Dealing with the Details of a Thriving Massage Practice

  • a “nightmare” day in the life of a massage therapist
  • scheduling & managing your time effectively
  • record keeping—client records and financial records
  • keeping yourself in shape mentally and physically
  • dealing with the burnout syndrome—five key techniques
  • fees—setting them, bartering, keeping the books
  • rewards—vacation time and therapy for the therapist
  • rewards—from financial planning to financial freedom
  • a “dream” day in the life of a massage therapist

Chapter Eight

The Path Ahead—How to Advance Your Career in Massage

    • professional organizations and associations
    • books, magazines, and newsletters
  • BEYOND THE BASICS—advanced trainings
    • mind/body practices
    • energy work
    • deep tissue therapies
    • movement-oriented bodywork
    • techniques from the East
    • humanitarian massage
    • mother massage
    • animal massage
    • water massage (Watsu®)
    • Physical Therapy
    • Chiropractic
    • Nursing
    • New Medical Massage Technology
    • writing and massage—a growing side-field
    • teaching—workshops, seminars
    • teaching in massage schools
    • massage, a family affair
    • consulting with corporations, spas, doctors, business people, and other therapists
    • making a name for yourself—the key to success

You can find out more and purchase the book on here.

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